About Us

torc artificial intelligence

We are a global provider of Audience Infrastructure and Programmatic solutions to advertisers, publishers, agencies and innovative technology companies. We provide highly customizable audience platforms, real-time trading systems with machine learning capabilities. Torcai has provided technology solutions to enterprises in the ad tech and mar tech space enabling them to monetize data assets and bring in competitive technological advantage. Our platforms strength lies in its ability to re-engineer complex ad and audience tech work flows and bring in efficiencies with an objective to meet your business goals. Our product approach is to bring in machine learning capabilities to your business processes making your world more insightful

Insightfully intelligent. Everyday.

All things Programmatic & AI
What excites us?
Not just a single thing. There are many ways we make a difference, and we have made a good start. Marketing and advertising technologies have completed over a decade of high growth. It's time for us to pause and rehaul some of the techniques that can help us scale our advertising efforts.
Among the problems we solve, the capabilities of Algorithms & its use cases are indeed the future of predictability, analytics & automation. Possibilities are immense and excite us. Example, Use machine learning algorithms to create AI applications to solve Optimization, Fraud, and other forms of inefficiencies.
How we do business:
Enterprise : If you have a significant goal and would like in-house media & data technologies, you can choose our Consulting & Enterprise services.
Standard : We have modularised our tech to provide plug play when you want to be selective about what is needed - A SAAS or License model.
Media, Data Marketplace & ML tools : Publishers and Advertisers can go live instantly to start running campaigns on a curated media.

our principles

technological democratisation

bringing the power of Machine Learning to your business Processes

data liberalisation

businesses that own their data build trust & have unhindered growth

modular architecture

vertically & horizontally scalable infra architecture

compatibility agnostic technology

that talks to your existing tech stack, zero adaptability challenges

licensing unshackled

build business around technology ownership, liberating not licensing

our values

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