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We live a world where omnichannel marketing is overflowing with tech, processes, tools, assumptions that are so deeply intertwined.. Then the question arises “is it really working? Do we have a better way?” Choosing the right tech stack is never an easy decision. We are spoilt with choices. This becomes critical when one has multiple layers of tech, integrations, output and all have to be knitted well for a singular purpose. TorcAI Consulting is based on wholistic yield management through advanced Audience Data Sciences and Programmatic Strategies for both advertisers and publishers.

get the right customer data strategy
Data Strategy

With omnichannel environments becoming a norm in today’s business, what is becoming most important is getting the right data strategy. A high-level Data Strategy formulation encompasses a strong review of existing tech stack and syncing it with the business...


A concept that has gone past being a mere buzzword, in-housing provides answers to many questions that advertisers and publishers are asking. It is empowering both the key stakeholders with ability to be in control of media spends, audience data and more importantly...


Today 80% of the media is available over the Programmatic channel, but is also restrained by process inefficiencies, fraud, safety issue…TorcAI has built expertise to guide you through each step of building programmatic capabilities.

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