ai capabilities
Predict outcomes
The AI tools can, with high level of accuracy predict the next best action for achieving multiple media buy & sell goals. Capabilities to churn through multiple data nodes, has revolutionised the insights at scale. Most of the campaign goals today are AI /ML driven in adtech. ai-ml is as good as the data it gets. A good data strategy makes all the difference in output of AI/ML. Some of the techniques used are Feature Engineering, Clustering, Classifications among others. You can consider the tools to solve problems of automation & efficiency for all types of campaign goals such as branding, cpm, cpc, cpa & kpi.
Some of the key applications are
Supply path Optimisation: In today’s programmatic ecosystem a media can reach the bidder / DSP from multiple sources. Depending on what path the request has taken the cost may differ. This generates a possibility of optimisation. Data Sources are RTBlogs, Impression logs & Winlogs
CPM/CPC Optimisation: If the media or audience are not meeting campaign goals then AI tools have shown good results, example to create discrete price blocks.
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