Connect the dots
Get the Right Tech Stack Strategy
Mostly, sub-optimal & disconnected marketing tech infrastructure comes in the way of product innovations around audience, campaigns, insights. And as customer touchpoints become numerous, the choice of tech stack becomes critical forsuccess. Discover the future proof solution with the least possible time and cost investments.
In-housing, in many ways, empowers you with real data to set the big picture right. It drives innovations, new product ideas, and optimal use of marketing & advertising budgets. As in-housing becomes mainstream, the industry can benefit from the following advantages
1. Control
Research & reports suggest that billions of Ad dollars go in vain. as the traditional & walled garden platforms do not adequately Control fraud, duplicate, bots etc. or are transparent about it, taking control is a prudent step.

2. Transparency
Cheers to Knowledge! Chances are plenty of good insights that will get missed if you are not looking at bid stream data. Will a third-party platform provide you with good insights for content or product recommendations? In-Housing puts you in the driving seat.

3. Uniformity
In-Housing makes media planning smooth as you have access to granular data. enables you to understand supply path non-performing actors, media costs and helps you to pre plan with high accuracy.

4. Cost
It provides you with a fair idea of costs, but overall it’s about the quality that matters most. A leading brand has reported global savings of over $500m in its first full year of extensive in-housing.

5. Clarity
In-housing can provide marketing teams with data and metrics to make informed long-term decisions. By removing the agency layer, for media buying, in particular, it gives the brand more opportunity to understand ad spend and performance.
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