the transition
Thinking of ION
  • ION frame is based on In housing tech architecture. In-housing stack may choose to work with some existing components and for some it may consolidate the features
  • Integration points with external partners will also involve some amount of new agreements etc.¬†
  • Some success factors with help measurement matrix will come in play. This will usually include a shadow period with a rollback option and clear visibility of point of no return¬†
  • In-housing is usually an iterative process. However, we try to attain some visible business results in the first iteration so that there is a constant motivation from all teams involved
  • There is usually a balancing act that needs to happen between in-housed infrastructure and stuff that should be industry-led in nature. The balancing point can shift with every iteration where new goal is set and focus increases sharpness.
  • In-housing can bring data strategies to life with data sets that are usually not heard off in traditional trading desk scenarios. Also, media transparency allows filtering out frauds and much higher control on budget spends and budget requirements. The overall package gives sustainable, long terms and clean results.
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