Know your audience
The promise of Programmatic is the ability to target right audiences, in the right context, and at the right time. The journey starts with putting together an owned CDP that powers monetisation, recommendation, subscriptions besides empowering product innovations. Further this helps when external factors such as Privacy regulation, Cookie less world is increasing putting you the centre of digital advertising. With this comes the need to start thinking of 2nd party DMP, which will immensely help Publishers to manage identities.
First-Party Data will be Increasingly valuable to Marketers, as they shift towards consent-based marketing, in housing of programmatic, consented data and looking for ways to acquire first-party data. Marketers want to go direct with the publisher and at that point, your need to be in command of audience data is a must. to You need to reassemble audiences that have been so fragmented since the emergence of the web (and mobile, apps, social, etc.) into audience segments that can be nurtured from an editorial perspective and packaged for the needs of advertisers.
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