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A programmatic bidder is one of the critical aspects of media buy operations. All the intelligence and data can be rendered useless if the bidder does not support features to support the execution part of ML Engine. This is one of the primary use case for CDP is to help bidding platform for to buy audience and/or context led media for optimal ROI.

Our CDP platform helps generate enough data density for the ML Engine to work effectively. This is done by evaluating over 80,000 features to provide bid bin selection for CPM models and score mechanism for CPC based models. All the models are updated on a near real time basis and the bidder is able to access the models for bidding in real time basis.
Some of the main benefits for working with an in-housed bidders are:
  • Media buy becomes transparent and the marketer can have direct RTB relations with the supply sources like exchanges and publishers.
  • In-housed bidders can use enriched RTB streams for CDP’s data density enhancement that is simply hidden in every other version of programmatic buying
  • In-housing can bring down the cost of media by over 50% at least and may be more in a longer run.
  • In-housing of programmatic can help create a better media plan with far more data and measurement matrix
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