A bridge has Two Sides

And the two sides are advertisers & publishers. During the phenomenal growth of the Digital Marketing Industry, many intermediary tech companies have grown to drive functions of DMP/CDP, Tracker platforms, Consent Gateways, Fraud detections, Analytics and other systems with varying degree of success. This structure is super complex & opaque, driving the industry nuts with Advertisers losing $$ and publishers getting only a penny for every dollar. This has given us a purpose to introduce ION – the alternate Programmatic ecosystem, which is transparent by design and does not rely on media commission model to adhere to absolute transparency.

Come join world’s only Transparent
Media & Data Marketplace
100% Transparency

World’s most preferred alternate programmatic ecosystem for Advertisers and Publishers, ION Exchange, provides for most granular data required to deal with bid duplicity, media buy path with full details. This brings control back into the hands of publishers & advertisersl

Intelligent Marketplace

At ION, we created a business model basis tech fee and shunned media commission. At a time when publishers & advertisers look for greater ROI, chipping away media commission is not the best idea. So ION provides for maximum ROI for both of you.


The supply exchange provides Advertisers and Publishers with a host of ready to plug in tools such as DMP/CDP, ML powered Bidder, Automated Data segmentation & Classification, Content & Campaign recommendation engine and multiple activation channels.

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