cofounding team


"The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions." Ralph Waldo Emerson

The four of us have known each other since the beginning of our careers. We were peers, work colleagues, but above all, we are friends and have a deep respect & trust for each other.

Sometime in early 2017, we were all looking to make a difference. We had a mix of right skills & ambition to bring on to the table to make a mark. We discussed many ideas, problems, solutions, market strategies, future trends, and quickly decided to take a plunge once we found our purpose.

The biggest problem that we wanted to address was duopoly, its secondary market, and the issues of transparency and unfair money distribution that comes along with it. We started aligning our product lines to hit that from multiple angles. When we started getting excellent traction, we planned expansion of our offerings and ventured into other markets.

An ideal scenario usually comprises of in-housing, buy or sell inventory stock, and further getting connected to relevant marketplaces. We believed that the benefits of in-housing would come when data and tech are controlled by the owner and not the service provider.

And this excited us, and we had found our purpose.

The idea of working with basics and doing things grounds up have given us the rooting that is required to the herculean task that we have picked up.

Everything including data, AI, financial model, tech stack, infrastructure, and another brownfield scenario that comes along with this makes it that much more complicated. There is no doubt that this is a very complex ecosystem, and every successful journey where we help advertisers and publishers navigate this becomes that much more fulfilling.
rohit verma
raghavendra agarwala
Dr Kumar Garvit
head product & BD
smita sahu
head technology
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