AI for Marketers is Transformational

In a world where there are many choices, two things become very important. One, what is your future data strategy and second, what you are doing to restrain ad spend leakages. For this to happen, your technology partner must shun the established business models and take on the mantle of pure technology enabler. Besides all the specialization we have gathered, we are committed to the principles of transparency and helping you innovate & practice best of deep tech. Our key offering for you in the best in line CDP which supports all your marketing and advertising needs while at the same time integrates well with CRM systems.
Come join us for a riveting future.

key to programmatic success
CDP Cloud

With so much of data around, your business strategy must define & roll back into company’s data strategy. Part of our consulting services, this constitutes of defining and attaining a goal that is data-driven. With omnichannel audience funnel, legacy tech do not take you far...


TorcAI’s marketing focussed CDP integrates well with CRM. It is a big data set up which collects, collates consented users with Persistent ID, thus creating profiles for each customer. Its business benefits go far into optimizing and finding.

Machine Learning

Since the beginning of the digital industry, Marketers have largely dependent on third party platforms to create intelligence and support advertising. This led to multiple stakeholders nibbling...

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