intelligent marketplace
Scale campaign performance
The ION’s unique Application to Platform (A2P) model means that there is a direct relationship between buy and sell for both media and data. It provides in-build transparent trading mechanics, brand-safe trading paradigm and sustainable ROI for all stakeholders. The design also enables efficient fraud detection and handling.
The Google Alternate
ION enables Publishers to directly plug demand from multiple Exchanges and DSPs to circumvent Google wall garden. Unified Bid Auction supports programmatic & Ad Network demand channels
ION Private Exchange Platform
ION is a ML based Private Exchange platform for Publishers to monetize their traffic. Powered by Data Science its optimisation algorithm offers dynamic bid floor price setting via ML for optimal yield ION is paid by Publishers and Zero Media Cost charged to Advertisers/Exchanges/DSPs
2nd Party DMP
Second-party data is the key to future data trading. Working with second-party data enables better control on the quality of segments, privacy and audience targeting. ION DMP complies with IAB-Data Transparency Standard. Also, ION DMP stays in 2nd party cookie paradigm but also syncs with DMPs or other systems that can only work with 3rd party data.
The marketplace also provides access to other platforms to incorporate a wide variety of tech stacks and maturity levels. The in-housed bidder can co-exist with other DSP panels, Private Exchanges alongside DFP and header bidding systems, to ensure smoother transitioning.  
Supports all Ad formats
ION platform supports all ad formats including display, video, native and any other new and innovative formats
Custom AI Solutions
Every business proposition is unique. This in simpler terms means that every implementation of AI for buyer and seller will have it’s our unique flavours. We usually suggest picking our open AI stack for both buy and sell and use it as a foundation for any high-end use cases. This approach not only saves time by taking care.
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